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Mac OSX Massive CPU usage on MacOS


Anyone else seeing constant high CPU usage on MacOS for latest GM2 ( Even minimised it's around 25%. Seems a lot to flash the cursor on/off ;)

Can I stop it?


Coded Games

What Mac do you have? Also that may not be bad, MacOS reports cpu usage per process different that Windows. I think how it works on Windows is that 100% means it’s using 100% of every core. Where on MacOS 100% means using 100% of one core. So you can get CPU usage over 100%, for example my 8 core iMac can go up to 1600% usage. Because it has 16 threads.

Just checking, GMS 2 uses 50% sitting idle on my Mac. Remember if this was Windows it would be 3%.


there is no way GM needs 25% to sit there doing nothing.
GMS2 is implemented like a game with a game loop that doesn't wait for user events to be generated, which does a number of things at some framerate speed, and if the windows is focused I commonly see it just sitting there using ~15% CPU. I've had it pointed out to me that another, open-source, engine does the same (game loop style GUI), but it does not consume nearly as much CPU resources (staying at 1% or less unless I'm actively doing something in it). Whether GMS2 could be improved, or if there's something inherent in its design that makes this unfeasible, I couldn't say. In the meantime, I don't run GMS on a laptop without using an AC adapter or I lose hours of usage time I would have otherwise expected.


GMS2 is implemented like a game with a game loop that doesn't wait for user events to be generated...
Fixable with the sources I'm sure.
CPU usage is probably fixable or at least mitigated. But what you quoted from me is not, as the model implemented is fundamental to the architecture of the whole program, unless you mean another complete rewrite of the GUI. The model implemented is a conscious design decision. To see the effect of this design decision, turn down the AC power framerate setting to 5% in Preferences -> General Settings -> Power Savings, and start smashing the keyboard in a text editor or drag an object window around, or anything else using user input.