Massive (7,000) colourful in-game icons pack currently on Humble Bundle! - I've just grabbed it! :D


Seems to have a wealth of stuff in here! - I'm currently also working on a text adventure game engine with an optional graphical inventory system, so these are invaluable for me!

As per the SFX and Music one I highlighted a while ago, these seem *REALLY* good value.... 7,000 for just £17 - was a no-brainer for me!:-

Details here!

I don't have any affiliation with HB btw!... just figured it would be remiss of me to not highlight this to my fellow GMS'ers... :)

...If you're working on any kind of card, RPG, etc game, or just want nice inventory or action icons, this has somewhat limited themes (medieval, sci-fi, food, jewels, potions, equipment, etc), but LOTS of icons... ...well worth a look!
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Humble Bundle can be invaluable for starting asset collections. You get higher quality and a more consistent look across your assets than if you pick and choose from the free sites, and it's often much cheaper than buying them direct from the various asset stores. I have several bundles from them.

The downside is that many other people have the same assets, so if you don't have the ability to customize them, you can end up having a similar look to other games out there.

For me, it's worth it. I don't have the skill to make 2D or 3D art assets, nor the money to commission art for my projects. I plan on picking up this one, myself.


@Roderick - Great points, especially about the general lack of consistency in quality and looks of assets if just randomly collected across sites, etc..

It's what I first spotted that I liked about the bundle.... :D
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Thanks for posting this, I've bought it. Here's the license for anyone curious - seems ok!

Free for personal and commercial use
No restriction on amount of end products sold or the price you sell it at
You can modify/change the icons

Don't try and resell them
They must be used as part of an end product.
Don't try and copyright them so other people can't use them (also don't use them for logos and branding)
Don't use them for something horrible.

“End Product” means any digital product, games, websites, software, applications, video content, audio content.
1. Seller grants to the Purchaser a non-exclusive perpetual license to:
- use and/or modify or manipulate the Licensed Assets and make a Derivative Work from it;
- use Licensed Assets to create an unlimited number of End Products for Sale, in which the End Product for Sale may be sold an unlimited number of times;
- use the Licensed Assets in End Product that are either used for the Purchaser's own personal use or used for the Purchaser's commercial use in which case it may be distributed, sold and supplied by the Purchaser for any fee;
2. A License does not allow the Purchaser to:
- Use, sell, share, transfer, give away, sublicense or redistribute the Licensed Asset or Derivative Works other than as part of the relevant End Product;
- Extract the Licensed Asset or Derivative Works and use them outside of the relevant End Product.
- Use or/and incorporated the Licensed Asset or Derivative Works into a logo, service mark or trademark.
- Purchaser may not use the Licensed Asset or Derivative Works in End Product containing models and/or property in a manner that is unlawful, harmful, abusive, racially or ethnically offensive, defamatory, deceptive, infringing, invasive of personal privacy or publicity rights, harassing, humiliating to other people, libelous, obscene, threatening, profane, or promotes racism, bigotry, hatred or physical harm of any kind against any group or individual, or is otherwise objectionable.