Question - General Marketplace SEO?


Hi everyone,

I have an asset on the Marketplace called The Ultimate Platformer Engine. It's an engine for platformer games.

When I go to the marketplace and search "Ultimate Platformer Engine" right now, it shows up as the 119th's search result, page 4. Even when I put the search in quotes I get the same results.

Is this just how the Marketplace is, or are there proper ways for dealing with SEO on the marketplace? Seems a little crazy that a search specifically for the name of this project would show up soooo far back in search results.



From my experience, the better an assets performs, the closer to the front page it is.

No such thing as SEO as far as trying to push your asset up the listings. SEO only works for search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc)


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GM Marketplace is not exactly known for a good search algorithm. It is also hard to tell if people search on actual marketplace or search for "GameMaker <thing>" in an external search engine which sometimes brings them to marketplace.


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I'd love to be able to embed a GA tracking code into the page like allows, currently my "market research" is just making assets that I find useful and others may too. I would like to see which assets get more pageview attention, what keywords from, etc.!