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Question - General Marketplace is messed up


No matter which category I choose in the marketplace, I always get the following contents:

The "projects" category for example, doesn't contain any "projects", instead it lists hundreds of graphical and audio assets.
Its the same content in every category.

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That's just scratching the surface on what is messed up in the marketplace.

Basic reporting hasn't even worked for sellers for about three years. Myself and other sellers (@zbox @Samuel Venable) have reported many bugs over and over, but YYG don't seem to be too concerned.

There isn't even a way to determine what your outstanding balance is, or a payment history for that matter. YYG's 'fix' was to have you go and add up your payments dating back to 2015 and see if they add up.

Transaction ID comes up 'UNKNOWN', unless you mark your asset as free.

Sales graph only shows up some sales for 1.4 assets and no sales at all for 2.x ones. You might have sold hundreds of assets during a period of time but the graph shows a flat line with zero sales. Mike was reminded of this one over a year ago by @zbox. But nothing came of it.

They were double dipping VAT for a while there. But they seemed to have sorted that one out and issued credits where required. So kudos to them for sorting that out one anyway.

Featured assets are permanent. If you are one of the lucky few to get featured, well done! You are there for life.

Overall, the marketplace doesn't get much love from the YYG team.


YoYo Games Staff
YYG Staff
Yeah, the category issue is new. Sorry, we will investigate and get that fixed. I know that the sales graphs and various other broken elements of the Marketplace are truly frustrating and I understand how it seems like nothing is being done but the Marketplace is being tended to and plans to fix these issues are ongoing. I will continue to fight for the priority of the Marketplace as well.

The featured page has been slowly changing recently but I know it is long ready for a full refresh. This is another element that can be troublesome but I will work to get that together. We recently fixed the upload size/timeout issues that had been around and with that release out we want to explore other promotion of the Marketplace and one thing going soon is a Newsletter to people interested in the Marketplace News that will highlight new and noteworthy assets, so look out for that. (with that if you have an asset you would like to be highlighted via email or on featured please email us community at yoyogames.com)

Hope this helps. We will continue to work on the Marketplace. Thanks.
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