Question - Account Marketplace 70/30 split is confusing me


When an asset is sold on the Marketplace the split is 70% to Yoyo and 30% to the developer. I'm trying to understand the reason for such a massive share being given to Yoyo. The industry standard is a actually 30% to the publisher and 70% to the developer. Did Yoyo get it mixed up originally, no one complained, so they just left it at that?

Steam, Unity, Apple all take 30% for any sale on their platform. Considering the nature of 'Gamemaker', it would seem reasonable for Yoyo's Marketplace to have a similar model.

I know costs go into servers, networks, platform development, maintenance, etc, but other business running on the reverse 30/70 also have those costs.

Maybe I'm missing something, so can anyone shed some light as to how they can justify such a share?
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I must have dyslexia, as I read the conditions, and totally thought it was 70 to us and 30 to you. Maybe it was this sale value that made my mind think that way.



Believe me when I say that if it was 70% to YoYo there'd be nothing on the marketplace to buy.


YOU are the publisher.

If you look in the purchases tab it is actually worded as 'Your cut'.

Also in the conditions that you 'read'.

"Publisher": means you. It covers any person, company or other legal entity that has accepted this Agreement (whether directly or indirectly via an authorised person).