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Job Offer - General Marketer Desired

I know this is an unusual job posting for this forum, but here goes! :)
I am a very experienced game maker studio programmer, in need of work. I am looking for a member for my studio who will be in charge of sales.

  • securing jobs
  • obtaining good reviews
  • marketing/advertisement
  • able to market yourself well
  • wide connected
The payment will be $10 per hour for each job, or $300 per large job, $150 for medium jobs, and $50, if the job's size allows, for small jobs. To apply, shoot me an email at masonthompsen@gmail.com
(Here's my portfolio: https://forum.yoyogames.com/index.php?threads/programmer-5-years-of-gml-experience-10-30-hour.41231/)
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