Mark of the Summon


Update: New Demo available on

Mark of the Summon is an action adventure love letter addressed to A Link to the Past and Secret of Mana.

You play as The Writer, who goes on an adventure to break a curse.

/////Updated demo 0.84/////

* Fixed many bugs.

* Enabled Summons with number keys.
* Corresponding key press while mousing over enemies to command them to attack.
Otherwise move to mouse cursor.
* "1" key: Fire Summon (red block fires single projectile).
* "2" key: Earth Summon (brown block creates walls and does AOE damage).
* "3" key: Nature Summon (blue blocks create 3 adds that melee attack).

* Enabled local co-op
* Second player can control summons with gamepad controller.
* Top left hand corner of screen displays selected Summon.
* Left and Right dpad scroll through summon names.
* Pressing start controls summon.
* Left shoulder to dash (no i-frames yet).
* Right shoulder (for Fire Summon) to shoot.
* Note: Earth Summon automatically aoe attacks.
* Note: Third and fourth players potentially possible. Programming is in place,
but I do not currently have extra controllers to test this.
* Note: Nature Summon controls are not in activated yet.

Small demo. All assets are placeholder.


* WSAD to move.
* Left click is light attack.
* Right click is charged heavy attack.
* Shift or C to block.
* E to open doors if you are near them.
* F to heal if your blue bar is full.
* Spacebar to dash (has invincibility frames).
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Looks awesome! The combat feels really meaty and satisfying, can't wait to play the demo when you release it :)



Working on my boss for the demo/prototype release. Had to do some really rough and tumble animations to this placeholder art just to work on states, timings, and hitboxes. Also messing around with some sound and lighting changes.