Maple Forest

@kupo15: Thanks, man! Looking at the gif after reading your comment, I thought "whoa, he's right!"
But then when I looked in game with sound and stuff, I thought "wait, maybe not?" I did mess with the ricochet for awhile to get it right, and it does feel good while you're playing it. I'll keep it in mind to check in like a month, though. Sometimes it takes awhile to feel completely neutral about stuff, so I'll recheck later and see how I feel then.

@Barvix: Whoa, I was literally just talking about you the day before you posted. I was JUST telling another member that I hoped you hadn't quit gamedev or anything, and was wondering where you'd disappeared to. Are you psychic or something? Did my feelings reach you? Hope you're doing well, dude. Nice seeing you again, finally! =D

Soul Healer's basically on hiatus until this game's finished, but it's definitely still happening; This game is a direct prequel to Soul Healer, hahah! I'm not even sure if Maple Forest is going to be the title, or just the subtitle to this game. It's probably gonna confuse people if I tell them this is a prequel to an unreleased game, but that's what it is, so I dunno, lol. That said, the more I work on this game, the more I love it. I don't think it's going to be as good as Soul Healer, because the scope is much smaller and the themes are much simpler, but at first I thought it was just gonna be pretty good, where now I'm starting to have some really cool ideas for it. I'm actually excited about this game finally, instead of just trying to make a "good but quick" game for money.

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Your feelings must've gotten through to me haha! I haven't quit gamedev entirely, life has been busy so I haven't had much time for it lately.

And that's awesome, glad to hear Soul Healer is still happening, and that this game is a prequel to it!


Definitely the new one.

There's something cheeky about the way the fox just pushes the block off the bridge, like a cat on a shelf knocking stuff down. I love it.
Edit- And, more cat-like still, gets startled by nothing and falls off the bridge himself.


Would love to see it with the body too, but the right one definitely looks better and more fox like! But the left one does have that cheeky grimace look in Mario Party's facelift haha Looks good but it looks a bit cramped and scrunched?...the right one is probably best...probably ;)

That room is cool looking! :)
Would love to see it with the body too, but the right one definitely looks better and more fox like!
Ask and ye shall receive:

In case my joke didn't come across to everyone, obviously the old one is complete garbage and I'm going to redo all of these sprites, hahah! X'D
I'll update again in a few days when I get all the new player sprites done. I have some cool stuff to show off, but I'm gonna get these player sprites done first. Thanks for the love, guys! =)
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Well, it's been over a year since I updated this thread, so I guess it's about time?
I'm working on finishing the Sand Temple's entrance finally, along with a bunch of other stuff.

Still another twenty hours left to finish this entrance, probably. Some more planning/thumbnailing, a ton of detail work, and then animation, code, and importing everything. I wanted to show what I had now though, because I'm excited to be working on this again! I'll update in a week or so with the finished version along with a few other things! =)
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