Map Editor GM-Friendly



Hello all,

I'm currently trying to make a map editor for my game in GM.
I've already done map editors in the past but this one is frustrating as I don't really understand how and in what way GM can save/load files for maps.
What is the preferred format and style to adopt here?
Any guides or resources I could check out?
How are objects represented? How does it distinguish background VS collisionnable objects through a file?

Thanks in advance, will share the map editor once it's done if some are interested, it'll be usable for all GM projects. (With a bit of editing/settings)


Will try to contact him.. anymore ideas? Somehwere I could read about anything helpful to save objects in a file (by an external app) for GM to load?


aka fel666
Ifnyou write your own map loader, you can use any format you like.
Though I would suggest using Json.

You can create a map for each object (index, position, etc). Then have a list of all object maps.
The add that to a map also containing room info (size, etc).

You can then convert your map into json and save.

Just decode and read the json to load the room.

The advantage of json is that GM has everything you need to create them, and more importantly, they are human readable. Making it easy to debug, and edit by hand.