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Question - IDE Manual font size too large.



Not much to say. The manual in 1.4. was:

1) Faster and more responsive (jumping between tabs, searching for keywords)
2) The font size is too large in both the left and right pane. I know you can control + zoom, but really..
3) Clicking on articles seems to take a lot longer, you get white "flashes" when you visit pages.
4) A minor thing, but I liked the green color better than the cyan/green .. not a huge problem though

I found that the manual was more readable than in GMS2, but maybe that's just me?


nobody important
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Never had anyone say this before.... not something we're looking to change.


Obviously not the end of the world, but it feels like a small change that would increase readability. There are surely more important things to fix first I assume..
But side by side I do experience one to be more sluggish than the other.


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The sluggishness you talk about is odd, since they are both built using the same framework and I honestly can't see why it would be the case that one is slower than the other... But I'll look into it and see what I can find. As for the text size, I had people complain about the size of the font in the 1.4 manual (too small) and so decided to make it larger. It's preferable to me that the manual is easy for everybody to read without requiring any changes in DPI or zoom etc... so a slightly larger font seems to do no harm to anyone and help a few. :)