Idea Making sprites for picking up items in a point and click.

I am planning on making a true picture for picture "8 bit" 80/90s game without any cheated sideways pixels, point and click without a inventory system.
Because i am stubborn as hell to make it look right, but i am still cutting as many corners as i can.

Anyway the idea is that you can pick up everything and use it.
So you will never hear that cursed line "I can't pick that up" anymore. But the twist is that you can only carry as much as you can hold in your two hands.
So you have to place some of the items on the ground or on a table when your not using it.

And i was wonder about whats quicker.

To copy paste the whole sprite set of my character and draw the item into his hand for each of the panels, then program it to change the whole sprite set to that of it holding the item and interacting with things?


Draw the sprite without any arms and then draw the arms as a second set of sprites and just copy paste that set and then draw the item in it, making the arm change but not the rest of the sprite?



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Second method definitely will be faster, even if it's more work. If you ever need to change something in the sprite (e.g. you realize the character looks stupid with a toupĆØe) you would need to redraw EVERY sprite with the first method.