Design Making my map big. Bigger room vs scrolling back drop? Or other thoughts


I'm just wondering how I should tackle my current problem... suggestions input tips anything is welcome.

I am making a ship game where you will move around the map to trigger encounters. I would like my game to continually move like you are in a vast ocean.... What should I do to make that happen? A repeating background and make it look like there's an endless room? A really big room? If I make a bigger room can we set it at a regular resolution, are there draw backs or limits I should be concerned about? Is there a method of chaining rooms together? I don't see how that would help though.


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Essentially, rooms can be infinitely big, and unused space will not take any time to process. (Tile layers that are too big might eat a lot of performance, though, so stick with instances only if you make a really big room). Nothing stops instances from being outside the room, either, so you could have an infinitely scrolling room where you move everything in the opposite direction the player is moving to make it look like the player moves around, while in reality they're always stuck in the middle of the screen, and then spawn new things at the edge of the screen once the player has moved a certain distance.