Making an Infinite Runner (Video Series)

Making an Infinite Runner (Video Series)

Hi there everyone, I decided to try my hand at making some GameMaker Tutorials. I thought making a simplistic infinite runner would be a good start. These couple tutorials are pretty short, but I will make them longer as I go. I will keep updating this as I go. I will post each the video and what is covered in the video itself.

Thank you for your time :)

GM Version: GameMaker Studio 2
Target Platform: Windows
Download: N/A
Links: Youtube Playlist

Episode 3
Covered: Creating objects and moving them along the screen

Episode 4
Covered: Creating parent objects and inheriting events

Episode 5
Covered: In this video we talk about animation and import our idle and stepping animations and add them into our player controller

Episode 6
Covered: Introducing gravity jumping and movement while on the ground
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