making an executable


im not sure if this is the right place to post this since this is my first time posting this kinda stuff lol...
so im on a Mac and obviously the first package I bought was the Mac one.
so I started creating this game and now I wanna create an executable for my friends to try it out.
most of them use windows so I got the package that lets me excess ubuntu windows and Mac
but now it says that in the macOS options.theres this thing called signing identifier.

I tried to figure it out and the furthest I got was to get the iPhone developer cert or something like that into my keychain access on the Mac.
but I still don't know what to actually put inside the section "signing identifier"
and so I cant create a executable...can someone help lol.

as far as I know if I don't want to publish it to the App Store I don't need to pay right?

to be more exact I only need to create zip file or a executable for windows
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and more specifically read this paragraph:

Setting Up A Remote Worker (Mac IDE)
To compile your project from the macOS IDE to Windows you will need to use the GameMaker Studio 2 Remote Worker app.


what if lets say I needed to make an executable for Mac.what should I put inside the section signing identifier because as stated above im quite confused wut im actually suppose to put inside