SOLVED Making a Skatepark Ramp using GM Physics


Very new to Gamemaker so asking this question just to confirm I am on the right track. I want to create a half pipe (U shaped) ramp that the player will go up and down in using physics. I know that GM doesn't like concave shapes when it comes to implementing basic Physics fixtures so based on my research the solution is to code a series of overlapping polygonal convex fixtures that are bound to the ramp sprite in order to achieve that U shape. If this seems like the best approach it would be great to know but if there are other solutions or ones you've seen it would be great to hear or see them. Thanks very much.


Friendly Tyrant
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There are two approaches you can use. The one you suggest, which is to have overlapping fixtures to create the U, or to use a "chain" fixture. The chain fixture permits you to define points within the room and chain them together to create any shape you want, and (iirc!) as long as the "loop" option is set to false, these can create concave shapes...