Making a Rythmic Rayman like level

I using game maker studio 1.4 and I want to make a musical runner level like castle rock in Rayman legends.
I need to know how to design levels and sync it with my chosen music.


I guess you should start researching how to do it, then. There are lots of search engines out there.

Listen, we won't just up and make your game for you. Making games takes just as much research as it does actual work, if not more. The first skill you should learn is how to research concepts you will need to make what you want.

If you are in the process of making your game and come across a specific problem of limited scope that we can help you with, namely something you have already written that you just can't get to work right, then bring it to the forums and we will help you out.

I am not familiar with that specific title, but I am familiar with Rayman and some of their level designs so I will make an educated guess as to the gameplay. A couple things for you to learn to make this game:
1) Learn to build basic platforming physics and controls.
2) Learn how to make a scrolling camera that kills the player if it catches up to them.
3) If you really want audio + gameplay sync to be precise, research delta timing so that your game can run at the correct 'speed' regardless of the framerate to stay in sync with the audio.

If you come across any specific problems while building any one of these elements; show us your code, tell us the problem, how it is supposed to work and what it is doing, and then we can help you out.