Alpha Make it Home - RPG Space Shooter



Make it Home

Is a top-down space shooter game with RPG elements, with skills, quests, NPC characters, ship upgrades and more!

- Level up your character, learn and improve your Skills.
- Upgrade your ship with different guns and with any configuration you wish!
- Campaign story mode - complete quests
- Two difficulties [CRY BABY] for the beginners and [NORMAL] for the proper players - this mode features permanent death, more difficult missions and less help from the game.
- Great artwork and Music
- Gamepad support
- Windows version currently available, MacOSX version coming soon (2-3 weeks time)

Playable demo coming in the upcoming 14 days - roughly at the same time as the launch of the Kickstarter campaign - very small pledge that can allow me to give my full working month to this game and take a unpaid leave from my job).

The main core game mechanics are fully functional, now the content and missions are being added with some new exciting features including a full voice over for the NPC characters!

Please watch this thread to get all the new updates.

The social fluff:
In the meantime you can watch a short dev session video on my YouTube channel here:

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So stay tuned my GM friends :)


UPDATE: Hello lovely HM people.

I have just uploaded a short GAMEPLAY video of one of the first missions in the game!

This should give you an idea what to expect from the upcoming demo that I will make available and will post a download link as well later this or early next week!

Please have a look and if you like it hit the Like button and Subscribe, as well as follow me on twitter @MEITdev :)

Thank you and let the force be with you all!


After a long time I am working on a update that will be the last before the public BETA version release.

A lot has changed. Now you need to harvest materials from asteroids during missions to upgrade your equipment.

You can now fully upgrade your ship and it's stats!

All weapons are also now upgradable

And of course it would not have been fun without some funny GM HTML5 export issues :)

New Space Hangar

New Settings screen:

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Thank you for your attention!


Some new screenshots of the

Main Menu:

Character Selection Screen

Some updates to the Space Hangar:

New Weapon stats during mission:

Stay tuned for updates!


Really nails that retro 90's computer-based shooter feel, nice work!
Thank you! I am hoping to release a working Beta version by Sunday, at the moment there are quite some features I would like to include.
GUI is subject to change, but so is everything while it is in development :)

At the moment there is not much story yet, just the game mechanics for shooting, which is 1/3 of the game, but the other two thirds I am keeping a secret as they are not operational at the moment, but will be in upcoming weeks! :)

Stay tuned!


Now imported to Game Maker Studio 2!

The new Game Maker Studio already shows about 30% increase in frame rate with the same settings in comparison with the GMS 1.4.

So what does it mean?

That Make It Home will run more smoothly even on low end devices!



So, the new Game Maker Studio2 seemed to work straight away, but that is never the case with projects that change engine.....

If you have a look at Scripts/Compatibility in your project you can see what scripts (interfaces) had to be created for your project to work in the new GMS2...

However it appears that the pixel interpolation has changes so much, that it does not work at all when importing from GMS 1.4 to GMS 2.

The new gpu_* methods seem cool and give more control, but it appears if you have any advanced GPU settings you may want to rewrite those from scratch for your GMS2 project.

What that means is that I will have to stick with GMS 1.4 for the next couple of weeks and see if this can be resolved.

Stay tuned!


LOL: 30% speed improvement vs some aesthetics... thank you, GM!
I mean the game is running already 140FPS on a old Integrated laptop intel HD 5000... so the import to GMS2 while being a better dev experience gives alot of hassle to troubleshoot what it breaks in the import process.
At the moment continuing with GM 1.4 and after the beta release will try to fix the import issues to start working in GMS2 only.

But for the player the frame rate should always be > 140 :)