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Legacy GM Major bug in spine-engine


The spine-engine of GMS 1.4.1772 (r42005) does not take notice of disabling a bones "inherit scale".

This is the look of a simple skeleton in the spine-editor, where the child-bone with the yellow-image attached does NOT inherit scale:
spine_0.jpg spine_1.jpg

And thats the display in GMS:

And yes, I reported this bug several weeks ago without getting a response from YoYo yet.

Thought I tell it the community so you don't fall into confusion as I did, when I first recognized the strange look of my spine-sprites in the level.
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Yes, you are right, downgrading from spine 3.6.37 to leads to spine-sprites, where "inherit-scale =false" is noticed correctly by GMS.

Unfortunately spine tells me, it can not load projects, which are made under spine 3.6.37, so either I have to rebuild my spine-sprites with all their animations from scratch or I have to wait in the hope, that sometimes in the nearer or farer future a GMS 1.4.xy comes out, which supports Spine 3.6.xy.
I think, the second option is the better one for me.

As I saw now, YoYo says under "required SDKs": Spine 3.4.02 (please use ONLY this version).

I am quite sure, the addition "(please use ONLY this version)" was not there last time I checked this page, and this was probably after the release of GMS 1.4.1772.

In the world of software it is a common technique, to make later versions of software compatible to earlier ones, they still grant access to earlier implemented features and add new ones, so usually it is said:
Use our software with files/plug-ins/tools from manufacturer ABC Version x.y OR LATER.
As "inherit scale" is a property, which stayed since a long time in spine, one would expect, GMS would manage it also from later versions of spine. But sadly it doesn't.

What GMS 1.4 and GMS 2.1 require instead, is a spine-Version from October 2016. In the meantime 3 major spine-releases followed, currently the newest one is 3.7.00 beta. It is normal, that one, who works with spine, would like to use the latest version, not only because of new animating tools and techniques, but also because the IDE is continously enhanced.

I both code and make artworks, but this is not the rule under game developers, as one can see in the sub-forum "Collaboration" of this website.
Usually programmers claim, they only can draw stickmans, while artists on the other hand avoid the prosaic discipline of coding.
So a GMS-developer, who contacts an art studio, have to say:
"I love the bunch of spine-sprites you made and all the beautiful animations. But would you please rebuild them with a spine version half a dozen versions earlier ? And for the same price, please."

This is, to say it in a general way, a very bad service to the customers either from YoYo or Esoteric Software or from both.
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Esoteric's handling of Spine versioning (particularly of the json files) is very loose and not ideal - we are discussing better ways to handle this going forward internally, when we have some proposals we may have a forum discussion to talk through the different issues.



Hello confined fellows.

I know it is an old post but actually it seems the problem still remains.

I'm using the 2.2.5 version of game maker and for Spine I downgraded to 3.7.94 because the last one is not supported yet.

I work as an animator and Spine may be a good piece of software for all the things it allows in the making of a game but for animation it's a pain in the arse.

The best way to work for me would be to have the inheritance of the scale for all the bones unchecked BUT if the bones don't inherit scale, then I can't scale my character in GMS, doing image_xscale = 0.5 won't do anything. Animating a character with the scale inheritance is terrible. I'd just like to stretch an arm or a leg properly.

And as Michael said it would be stupid to downgrade since the first version of a soft just to make it works.

Do you think you'll add this feature soon ?

Take care, Stay safe !


I'm currently using 3.7.94, and it is nice to animate and load different equipment etc.

However there are a few bugs or oddities, like some animations duration seems weird. It does return fractions of seconds but seems not to multiply well with room_speed. Then also sometime, or for 2nd sprite spine animations I made for buttons they do not play the full animation if I add rotations to it.

But, looking forward to full spine support since it is an amazing workflow and capability.


I'm using GMS2.2.5.378 btw, and another tip: I find that loading attachements gets buggy after a while or loading too many in create event. So when i moved it to an alarm which runs 5 steps after creation of the object it works fine, a trick I use to do when loading HTML5 game assets.