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Main site not giving me an upgrade option for GMS 2

Hey there, I'm a Game Maker Studio 1.4 user who just downloaded and installed the trial version of GMS 2. I saw the upgrade discount for GMS 1.4 users who wish to upgrade to GMS 2, and tried to upgrade, however each time I try adding GMS 2's Desktop version to my cart like the upgrade tutorial showed, I'm told I still need to pay the full $99.99, rather than the $59.99 as shown in the screenshots in the upgrade tutorial.

I double checked the dates just to make sure I wasn't a year late to the party, and I've tried adding it and removing it from my cart several times now but i'm still not being offered the upgrade discount. Am I just doing something wrong? Anyone got any advice for this, or who can I email who can fix this and is likely to respond before August 31st when the discount offer expires?


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Contact the helpdesk, they are the only ones that will be able to help....


I noticed the UWP module had stopped showing a discount a couple of days ago too. HTML5 still showed the discount price.