Windows MadScience


note: this is a re-upload from the original GMC, to see the original post, click here

MadScience is a short, light-hearted platformer in which you play a scientist who wears sunglasses as hes just way to cool for school.

Recently tho, some generic b-movie slime monster has invaded with his legion of slimes and other generic video game villains, and has now taken over the high-tech facility our cool scientist works in.

With all the other the other scientists just standing around like cowards, our highschool drop-out turned uneducated scam-scientist must embrace his inner italian and mario-game his way to victory!

Game includes ten levels and a boss fight at the end, plus a special bonus for those whom complete the game!

So what are you waiting for? ...Are you ready?
YAAAAA!!!!! (download page link)

The game has a .ini file for keybindings/other-options, if you cant find it near the executable then try checking your "pc-name > AppData > Local > MadScience" directory, as it likes to show up there for some people.
You need to run the game once to generate this .ini file.

On the off-chance you actually play the game, even just a bit, do leave a comment and tell me you thought of it, even if you think it sucks, all feedback is valuable!