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Mac OSX MacOS export won't start with Steam enabled [Solved]


I have GMS 2 running on MacOS, when I try to export as YYC and without Steam enabled the project works. However, when I check "enable steam" in the MacOS Options menu and fill in the right Steam ID at Main Options - General it won't run the compiled executable (YYC or VM, but Run in GMS 2 does work). When I run the game in Xcode after exporting it as YYC the game opens and closes immediately after the splash screen and an Xcode message is shown:
Ultimate Racing 2D is attempting to launch with the optional parameters shown below. " '-NSDocumentRevisionsDebugMode' 'YES' " if you did not request this launch or do not understand these options, select Cancel.
I have already released my game Ultimate Racing 2D on Steam for Windows and have everything set up for the MacOS platform at Steamworks Partner and I have downloaded Steamworks SDK.
I'm using the GMS 2 Mac IDE because compiling from my windows laptop didn't work even though it works for iOS.

Is this a known bug, because it happens even when creating a new empty test project.


Ok, I've just figured out that I somehow made a mistake at partner.steamworks.com when setting up for Mac. After recreating everything there for Mac it works again.
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