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Mac version

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Finished a game and would like to have a mac version of it, but I only have a PC and no machine to create a mac executable with. Does anybody here use GM2 on mac? If I sent the project, would it be as easy as hitting the build button and then sending the executable back to me?


i'm in the same configuration.
i work in windows OS.
I have finished a game that i want to export to a mac version. Is it possible or not ?
Do i need a Gamemaker version for mac to export to mac version ?
I'm neither a user of GM:S nor an expert but I assume that it's impossible to let someone compile a Mac version of a game for you, since Mac and PC file systems are usually different from each other. Maybe you can, but in my case, it's not possible because of the different file systems. Both Mac and PC should use the same file system so that both can use the same file. I could be wrong, though. Again, I'm not an expert.
If you don't have access to a Mac, but want to build for Mac, one option I have noticed is that you can rent time on a cloud based Mac. A quick internet search should reveal several options for you.

If you purchased the Desktop license, this permits you to run GMS 2 on both PC and Mac. (The Creators license only permits you to build on the platform you purchased it for).

The project files are compatible between PC and Mac. If you have created your project on PC, you can just copy across your files, open them in GMS 2 on a Mac and it should run just fine. There are some different setup steps however if you are wanting to create a YYC build via Xcode, as well as needing an Apple Developers license to build for Mac App Store etc...

About sharing your project files with someone who has a Mac. If they have their own Desktop GMS 2 license, this is probably ok as you would have both purchased a copy of the appropriate license, and they could make a build for you. But to be 100% sure you should check the license agreement. But this should be a normal use-case for people working in a development team as well, so as I said, as long as you both have copies of the Desktop license, it should be ok.

All the info above is available in more detail if you check the Yoyo helpdesk website, there are many guides and faqs about setting up builds for Mac etc... Link : https://help.yoyogames.com/hc/en-us


Note that Mac executables MUST be digitally signed. Ester, if a Mac GMS user builds the executable for you it will be signed by the Mac user, unless they create a signing certificate just for you. Doing it is pretty trivial. You export your project from your Windows GMS and send the YYZ file to the Mac GMS user. They will be able to import your project and it will work just fine.
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If you do not own a licence that permits you to export to Mac then you cannot legally request that others do it for you. I should add that licencing questions like this should be directed towards the YoyoGames help desk, as the forum members are not legal experts... and as such I'm closing this.
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