Mac OSX Mac OS create VM executable [Solved]


I am having an issue creating an executable for Mac OS and I am pretty sure it has something to do with apple certificates/signing. Sadly my knowledge of Apple is not the best, and I am sure I am missing something simple.

When I try to create an executable I get this in the error log:

2020-02-07 14:17:56.357 Application Oven[5084:47623] /usr/bin/codesign -f --timestamp -o runtime -s 3rd Party Mac Developer Application --deep --entitlements /var/folders/4f/byx_hlt13pj0ghvm00x2wlyr0000gp/T/App-Oven.kI5XTj/Mac_Runner.entitlements /Users/steven/GameMakerStudio2/Mac/GMS2MAC/Desktop_Resize/MAC
3rd Party Mac Developer Application: no identity found
But to the best of my knowledge I do have a 3rd Party Mac Developer certificate in my keychain.

I've double checked the setup guides and I think I got everything. So if any Apple bros could point me in the right direction that would be great.