LWIAY - a fan run'n'gun game :D

blue apple

Heya , here I am again (Haven't posted anything for 1,2,3 5 months! :oops: ; but it gave me the time to free my mind and try out a bunch of games , damn "Nier Automata" is god-like :eek:)
So , I stopped trying to give the last game "Shotgun evolved" a soul , really it was just a cliché shooter , but well , it helped me learn some about how I want my games to be (i guess ?)

Anyway , here's my new actual project , everyone watch Pewdiepie's serie "LWIAY" right ? RIGHT , yeah I love it too , and the fan-boy in me thought about turning it into a game , try to imagine , Pewdiepie fighting memes , sounds pretty cool , and it's not just about Lwiay , it's more a fan game about the memes and the whole pew's world , every aspect of the game is a reference to some meme or pew's videos , from the characters to the attacks , even the menus are memes :confused:

Menu :

I didn't try too much about finding an original scenario (who gives a frick about original content :rolleyes:) , it's pew trying to save the world from the memes that want to conquer it , still tried to made cheap cinematic before and after every fight (they are a bit long but you can skip them , DON'T YOU DARE DO THAT OR I'll SPIT ON YOU PIECE OF A NON-BELIEVER , did i just used an old dead meme ? Well expect that a lot from me :D ) , I even edited a comic (Zootopia) that you can find in-game to give more back-story , adding characters , even thought they aren't really interesting , more about parodies of them-self that act like jokes :p

First cinematic:

For the gameplay , its' a Cuphead-like thing for the first level (the only one that I've finished right now) but everyone of the 3 levels will have their own gameplay , 2D boss fights , the first one for example got you playing pewds on his 399 chair where you can DO THIS to dodge projectiles from knuckles that you kill with your 399 stars (pretty ****ed up right ?) , the third one will be an Undertale fight...(but no spoilers :rolleyes:) , and just like Cuphead , the fights are divided in phases where you either fight small enemies or directly the boss and so on

First fight:

What do you think about it ? It is still in development (like 30%?) , so it would be awesome if you can give me some tips or things i could change to make the game better , i really want to make this one work because i love it :p


Here's some links :D

The Game's alpha (windows only ) : http://www.mediafire.com/file/ae9o30o3g9whx4f/LWIAY_alpha_0.1.exe

Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/Cute-Software-825245600984214/
Twitter :https://twitter.com/0_Blue_Apple_0
Youtube :https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSheG2hkyuo3CF6PI-Ucgpg?view_as=subscriber