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UPDATE: Now Alpha 1.4 released for public. It's not that great visually imo, but is getting there. I needed feedback on the tutorial.


Hi all. I've been plugging away at programmed animation because I was bored and wanted to freshen up on log, sin and power functions in gml.

completed jab.gif
In this animation above, is a finite state for both execution of variables, and the draw functions, since some of the math involved varies from state to state. I use two timers for the jab, to be stopped and continue, and reset to idle.

I made the spirtes in gimp on a 3x3in canvass. I had to do some yscaling on the calves to make the appearance properly. I admit the legs could be better worked in this sequence, but I like it for now, it shows a lot of power in the character.

My goal is to write a block and hit animation. Then I will make a target to practice on. Add some basic gear functions and art. I will have to create a start menu which will be just a selection of weapons for now. Once that's done, I will release the prototype for feedback. I plan on supporting keyboard, mouse and controller for those wanting a choice. Ideally the game only needs 5 buttons, attack, block, and 4 movements. I haven't decided at this stage if up and down will walk in depth, or be crouch and jump.

You won't be able to multitask with the buttons. However I have been testing and the attack can be stacked. But spamming attack is ineffective. You basically can do a double tap on attack, I think.

To give you a feel for my programming of this, the head idle is thus

if head_dy < 50 && head_res == false && continue_motion == true head_dy += min(log10(2+abs(head_dy)),3.75)
if head_dy >= 50 && head_res == false {
    head_res = true
    head_dy = 49.9
if abs(head_dy) < 50 && head_res == true head_dy += -1 * min(log10(2+abs(head_dy)),3.75)
if abs(head_dy) > 50 && head_res == true  {
    head_dy = -49.9
    head_res = false

if round(head_dy) == 0 {
    y = return_y
Anyways that's what I'm up to. I really hope to have a prototype in a week or two and get some useful feedback from the community.
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much progress was made since the last post, and alpha v 0.01 is now public.

I will prepare the pause menu and armors/layers for the playable character, and work towards a dialogue system for the tutorial part of the game. Pause menu will be time consuming as I add a mechanic to adjust blood on/off and add volume options for sounds/music.

I plan on creating a save/load feature once I have the tutorial finished and a second playable character created with a character selection screen. Before that point, I will create the first NPC and write its ai. Fortunately the animation scripts are already written for hominoids and I will be able to just generate new data for initial stats of the npc.

Double attack was added to the game, that's what that number is displayed, for debugging purposes. Should not be able to reach beyond 2 or below 0. You can still stack commands it seems.

Controls have been simplified, however H I and R are still programmed to work, for debugging purposes.

The next public release will be Alpha V 1.00 which will have all I discussed in this post. At least I hope so. After that it's a matter of creating more art and NPCs and finishing with a polished story to bridge the game into a cohesive narrative.


looks like some next level stuff. are you making a fighting game ? :)
Yes. Imagine if Hands of Fate romanced with TCGs and made a love child, that behaved like Rock em Sock em Robots and had leveling mechanics of the Gladiator games for Sony consoles.

I have been plugging away at code, debugging, experimenting, and finalizing details. Since my character sheets are made of cards, I started the character cards after finishing some recolors and armors. This will be for my prototype for now, until I complete the cards I need for the scene to be created in the game.

Rundger the Destroyerr Card.png Kazan Cardremake.png
They are 3x5 in cards I want to have printed to test the battle mechanics and fine tune

just so you get a clear picture of the armor:
player with armor.png
It's the first playable character, the murmillo. that's the scale I work with. and the npc is an inch wider.

I managed to fix getting stuck in the middle by deleting a single character in an if statement. I haven't done much programming at this stage. Have plans to but I'm becoming popular and people want to hang all the time lol


I just tried some work with a shader on marketplace. Will learn it better later. Mostly implemented a battle system and dialogue for a tutorial. next public release is nearing completion, however I wanted to wait to implement the changes necessary to have the first NPC functioning.
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Interesting visuals. At the moment it looks like prototyping programmers art, but the current visual direction is heading to something unique.


The gamed pieces are large. board itself is 8.5 x 11 in. the characters are 2x3 in. I do want to make the graphics more up to date at some point, continuing the cell shading, however more of my focus is in debugging movement code, and trying to fine tune the ai of the npc. I've been on the movement code for the breath of the life of this game lol. moving individual body parts with code is a tedious process. However, as a result, I have been able to come up with a unique markov chain for the npc I want to implement. There is so much wrong with the NPC movement codes at this stage. I am just on a short break for today.

And when I added the shaders I was immediately disheartened to see that the only way they work for shadow casting is if the object has a visible sprite mask, as is they aren't able to cast shadows for npc or player. and when I used it on the target it made a box.

Anyways, thank you :)


The game was given a somewhat detailed update the game is now at Public Alpha 1.6

I managed to correct some graphical issues with the animations of the NPC, and I introduced armor to the player.

Next on the list for tomorrow is to add to the database for the Secutor armors and add them to the draws. and then implement the exec_hit function that is basically knock back on being hit, which should help correct some issues with the attacks being too powerful fro the npc. I need to address an imbalance in the NPC formulas for attacks.