Alpha Lunar Cross


A spiritual journey of the realms beyond reach, where a soul will reveal the secret of the universe.

A 2-D rougelite that is an open world sandbox, that has a skilling and crafting system similar to Minecraft and Terraria. It uses a Chrono Trigger inspired battlesystem, with new elements taken from many other games. It will play like Skyrim where you can explore the world and do whatever your heart wants to do! You can end the game at any time, by killing the end boss by entering the Tower (not yet available). The game will get harder the more that you do, until it may be impossible to continue!





Try our milestone 8 demo. Click on the wolf icon below!
  • Left-click to attack
  • Right-click to power hit
  • Behind targets to critically hit
  • Shift to walk
  • Move with mouse
  • Block with space
  • I for inventory
  • Spacebar to transform into Fox form
  • QWERF for spells
  • 12345 for controlling summons
  • Craft summons by using the inventory

We will be updating this post with more information, but we just wanted to share the game we've made so far. The demo can be played by clicking on the icon above. Please provide feedback and thanks! :)



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Thanks for the feedback. I have updated Discord link! We're looking for people to join the team and any fans of Chrono Trigger.

We have more information in our Discord under #development. We will post milestones and big updates here though. So stay tuned!


Milestone 4 is live! We've made 100s of changes to this release. Take a look to see what has changed. We will keep track of changes once we hit milestone 5 on Steam. Milestone 4 is not going to be put on Steam due to lack of content and features.


Screenshots look good.

The retro style pixel graphics are very nice.

BUT the vector looking health bar + character portrait feels weird IMO. Why can't it be done in a pixel art style?

Also, that unit is huuuuge. Does it really need it to take up 1/8th of the screen? o_O


Screenshots look good.
BUT the vector looking health bar + character portrait feels weird IMO. Why can't it be done in a pixel art style?

Also, that unit is huuuuge. Does it really need it to take up 1/8th of the screen? o_O
We're moving to a pixel art GUI and removing that.

Added more screenshots!
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game is a buggy mess

-the intro snaps and blinds me
-when im a fox and collide with wolf i turn in a little girl and its unclear where to go or what to do, i jus accidentally moved to a new stage?
-collisions are buggy, cant go betwean chests, and she just stands while sliding along them...
-enemies dont do anything
-receips are empty
-when i engage 1 big slime i get attacked from the other side of the room and if i try to go there combat just stops and begins again

and i got stuck
when a red ball appears from nowhere and flies towards me. and if i go to title and then continue, the menu music doesnt stop and the camera is lerped betwean a big slime and me and no combat.
-sometimes red balls dont dissapear but follow me.


We're moving to a pixel GUI next milestone. This milestone marks 6 as complete. We've already started to transition to pixel art for the HUD.

Milestone 6
- New pixel gauges
- New pixel encounter skull icon (not animated yet).
- Removed a lot of bad code and refactored.
- Summons work again and combat is less buggy.
- Added Rat leader pack. Rat leader moves and patrols a small area.
- Rats jump better.
- Scrolls are now required when crafting a summon. In the future, you will have to unlock recipes by crafting scrolls.
- 4 working recipes: health potion, mana potion, slime summon, and rat summon.
- Slimes now damage you if they use their dash and collide with you.
- New cursors. We have them for combat and skills which are coming next milestone!
- Removed items being dropped on the ground. Everything is now auto-loot!
- Slime leader and Rat leader now drop slime/fur, instead of a summon. You have to craft them now!
- Fixed many bugs. Please try the game in 4k for us to see if we fixed that bug with the GUI scaling.

We are wanting testers and other people to help us find bugs and contribute to the game. You will start with many items, just open the inventory and play around with the systems to let us know how it feels! We spent this month working on improving code and improve the ability to add new features and fix bugs. If you want to contribute, join our Discord channel! :)


Milestone 7
  • Fixed a bug with death that could cause music to repeat.
  • Updated HUD with a new pixel theme, we are working on reworking the inventory and crafting the next milestone as well as adding summon GUI elements.
  • Added running animation to Luna.
  • Added Luna ultimate ability Fire Nova. Fire Nova will be an area-of-effect ability, but at the moment it does not work yet in that regard completely.
  • Added Spirit form which is default on the World Map. The animal forms will be available later in the game.
  • Expanded World Map, we will have other areas next milestone.
  • Added Ancestral Tower to World Map, this region will open in a future update.
  • Fixed a bug with collision and combat not registering with Rat leader mask.
  • Improve the drawing of icons to be more pixel.
  • New face art!
  • Lots of improvements to the code!
  • Block animation is now used when healing.
  • Added a lot more items and crafts. Feel free to play with them to see, we will put them in the game in a future update!
  • Fix double hit bug.
  • Trees are now randomly generated. We are going to add the ability to cut down trees next update also include ores and other items in the world!
  • Improve collisions.
  • You can't open inventory on the World Map.
  • You can't open inventory while moving.
  • Special Resource now is reset per start of each battle to 0, and it is now used for certain abilities.
  • Lots of other bug fixes and enhancements.

New running animation, walk can be down by holding shift


Preview of new concept art for Luna


We will be pushing updates much faster from here on forward! The game is still in very early development, so we welcome all kinds of feedback. We have plans to update many more core aspects of the game to make it more smooth. We also do not have any solid content developed for maps aside from the World Map (many areas are not accessible yet), so this is all placeholder.

Thank you for reading!