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Portfolio - Art Lulus Art [Paid Work] - Character-Design/Concept-Art/Illustrations

Discussion in 'Collaboration' started by LulusaurArts, Aug 15, 2018.

  1. LulusaurArts

    LulusaurArts Guest


    Hello, dear gm-community! :p

    My name is Lulu and I'm a hobby-artist from germany.
    I enjoy making art for serveral years now already and want to use as much of my free time as possible
    with my passion.

    I thought here on this platform I can be of help by making coverart, ad-Illustrations, character-conceptart and
    many more.

    I work in retail, so I can proudly say I'm really good with customers and promise
    a healthy relationship between you and me, in which we can live the project up to your expectations.


    I would like to show you some of my work, so you can see what you can expect!

    me_scribble__by_lulusaur-dbotnn0.jpg sleeping_by_lulusaur-dbotomm.jpg squorse_by_lulusaur-dcd54zb.png yus_by_lulusaur-dbrlqlg.jpg

    For more reference, I'd like to proudly show my social-media:




    By standard the pricing is 10 euros per hour (11,35 dollars per hour).

    Feel free to contact me and introduce your project and vision to me!


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