Alpha Lufulus' Creatures ARPG


Lufulus' Creatures

I want to introduce my game, Lufulus' Creatures. It is an action RPG. Your feedback is very important for me.

The game is physics-based, singleplayer and 2D. It can be played on Steam now, but private key is needed.
If anyone wants to test the game, just message me. I will provide the key. I really need some feedback&test for the project.

Note: The game is not ready for end-user and only works on Windows.

In game, you start with a wooden sword. You find yourself in an adventure, and you try to become the hunter of Lufulus.


40 Level Game
Friendly-fire <ON>
Multi-NPC fights are enabled.
Item upgrade (blacksmith) exists.
Turkish is supported.


I'd like to see all of you on the discord channel:

Item Types

Sword, Crossbow, Bow, Shield, Potions, Materials, Stones, Runes, Pets etc.

There is no certain class. List of skills are provided. Skills can be upgraded.


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