Steam Lufulus' Creatures (Action RPG)


Lufulus' Creatures is my second long-term game project. It is a top-down RPG. The game is now on Steam Early Access. I really want to read your ideas about the game. You may also send me message if you need a key to test the game.

Get it on Steam:

  • Game content for 1-20 levels (Max Level: 35)
  • 20+ Quests, 200+ Items, 25+ Creatures & Bosses
  • Bank Functionality (making gold from renting & borrowing gold)
  • Stats (STR, DEX, VIT) & 8 Skills
  • Upgrading Items (for activating features of Items)
  • Music
  • 10+ Locations
  • Different fighting types (ranged, melee, with shield etc.)
  • Dialogue System (with multiple choices)
  • Item Comparison
  • Game Save
  • Physics-Based Fighting Mechanics (explosions, impulses etc.)
  • Enemy & Ally AI
  • Fighting with Allies
  • Bonus Experience for Multiple Kill
  • Anti-Cheat
  • Steam Cloud is currently available for the game.
  • Compatible with Xbox Controllers


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