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Lucid is for making 3d worlds using 2d art in GMS2. The project includes a variety of scripts intended to simplify the development experience and hide away the rendering logic, so that devs can focus purely on game logic without having to worry too much about rendering. The engine does not involve any of GM’s unwieldy built-in 3d drawing functionality, everything is done with 2d art being sent directly to vertex buffers. Positional offsetting is calculated & handled directly in shaders.

What’s included?
  • Isometric perspective-based camera with rotation
  • 3 forms of 3d draw capability: stack-based, texture, and billboard
  • 3d space illuminating point lights
  • Water reflection & distortion shader (reflects any 3d object)
  • Basic tileset and artwork, various example objects using the engine



Hi guys, this is Lucid Engine. It's a project I've been working on and off for a while now, but only just recently completed an overhaul/refactor that's brought it to a solid level in terms of simplicity and performance (relative to how it was previously, at least 😆). I originally started down this project when I wanted to make a game world that felt more alive than pure 2d but I had no competency or experience in 3d art or even 3d coding for that matter. I gradually fell down the rabbit hole of focusing mostly on improving the rendering and performance as opposed to actually just making a game and that's how this engine came about (the things I do to procrastinate actually having to finish a game...). I remember when I first started down this route, I had hoped something like this existed on the asset store so I can have solid starting point and focus on the game itself. So I hope that this might be able to be that solution for some other dev coming into the space and wanting to make a game. That being said, I too have finally started crafting together the beginnings of my own game using this engine & of course still plan to expand it further for the foreseeable future. Thanks for reading & checking it out!


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