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Love Death + Robots


NetFlix's series Love Death + Robots was a good 3h40m timekiller. It's a collection of CGI shorts ranging from 6min to 17min in a similar vein as other anthological animated series like Heavy Metal, AniKuri15, Robot Carnival, Animatrix, and Batman: Gotham Knight. Directed by Tim Miller (Deadpool). It's not GREAT by any means, but most of the episodes are enjoyable. Just a heads up, there is a bit of animated nudity and one or two sex scenes. And lots of graphic violence.

Every segment has different visual styles and different voice actors - including Maurice LaMarche (Animaniacs), John DiMaggio (Futurama), Yuri Lowenthal (Ben10), Fred Tatasciore (Marvel toons), Gary Anthony Williams (The Boondocks), Matthew King (Warcraft III) , Michael Benyaer (Reboot), Stefan Kapicic (Deadpool), Neil Kaplan (Voltron), Kevin Richardson (Family Guy), Jill Talley (Spongebob), Mary Winstead (Scott Pilgrim), Topher Grace (That 70s Show), Gary Cole (Office Space), Chris Parnell (SNL), Bruce Thomas (Legally Blonde), Sira Wiley (Orange Is The New Black), Carlos Alazraqui (Rocko's Modern Life), Andre Sogliuzzo (Spyro), J.B. Blanc (Naruto).

The CGI varies. Two episodes are bright and cartoony, but they are light and humorous. One episode is cell-shaded, but has some gorgeous animation for its main premise. One episode appears to be rotoscoped and feels like A Scanner Darkly because of it. There is an Asimovian episode about art and existentialism. There is a schlocky horror story about Dracula that feels like something out of Japan. There is a space episode with great CGI - I almost believed I was watching a real naked woman - that reminded me a tad of the first act of the anime Memories. My least favorite acting - which I learned was just the fault of the actor and thankfully only lasted a couple minutes before they changed actors, is a beautiful but weird story about Chinese lore (not sure if it was made up for this episode) that turned into a steampunk story of revenge against misogyny. One episode starts off like Real Steel-meets-King Of Monsters, but then turns into a sexy vendetta story at the end. There's a poorly done realistic CGI episode about werewolves in the Marines (it still looks good, just not the best of the series). There's a Saturday-morning-cartoonish episode about cyborgs trying to pull off a high-speed heist which had some great action! Another episode had farmers using mechs to fight off an army of aliens; it had good action and animation, but I foresaw the twist at the end within the first couple minutes. Another episode with exaggerrated character design is about an old man living in a junkyard that the city wants to clean up, but the old hillbilly isn't willing to give up his home. There is another realistic CGI episode about Russian soldiers trying to mop up a demonic summoning gone awry; this was some of the best CGI in the series. The best of the realistic CGI episodes is about a female dropship pilot who bonds with her fatefully unlucky spacecraft. And then my favorite episode, and many other's, is a cute episode with great CGI about three robots touring a post-apocalyptic city trying to understand humans -- and I definitely did not see that twist coming at the end!

The gratuitous nudity is a bit jarring in most of the episodes. At least it was played for laughs in the junkyard episode. Those were some nice fake boobs in the creepy space episode, though.

The whole series will take less than 4 hours to watch, so you can easily marathon it without getting bored. There is no explicit order to the episodes, Netflix even changes it around on a whim. It's definitely worth watching if you like disjointed shorts stories or CGI animation.
Glad you took the time to recommend this. Watching it now and enjoying it. All of them so far (up to episode 14) have something worth watching. Whether its the great CGI, the unique art-style, or story (and some have all three going for them) - have enjoyed all of them.

Favourites so far in no particular order

Sonnie's Edge
Three Robots
Shape Shifters
Lucky 13

Honorable Mentions
Beyond the Aqulia Rift - CGI is almost realistic
The Witness - Visually Stunning art style (and the clothing animations! wow!)


I REALLY loved this series!
For me it was the perfect mix of black mirror, gaming, dark humor, sci-fi and animations.

My favorite episodes were:
Beyond the aguile rift
Zima Blue
The secret war
The witness
Sonnie's edge.


The quality of production on that show is just out of this world, literally.
I love cartoons to death, so it was pretty much already sold to me, but I wasn't captivated by a TV show like that since years! Netflix struck a homerun with that one.