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UWP Lots of problems (?).


Ok, so I'm working on porting my game to the Windows Store using the UWP module on GMS 2, and I noticed that it has some problems with it.

I will make things short:

1. Why ds_map_secure_save and ds_map_secure_load doesn't work on UWP? When I try using these functions, it says: "not currently supported on Windows UAP". I was searching on the forums, and it seems like this is a really old issue with UWP (like 2 or 3 years ago).

2. When I try saving an .ini or a buffer using buffer_save, it doesn't save the file to the Roaming/Local appdata. Where does the UWP app saves the files??

3. Why window_set_size doesn't work on UWP projects? What if we want to let the users play on a fixed window size, what is the alternative here?

These functions I listed are very important, and I don't know why they don't work on UWP, can someone shed me some light?


For the item 2, I found out that it is on this folder:

The other 2 items are still a mistery.

Well, for the Item 2 again, the files are deleted everytime I run a the game from the IDE, so there is no way to test the save/load files? =(
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