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Mac OSX Losing sprites since update


I just encountered a problem while using the sprite editor... I know... Everyone says to not use GameMakers sprite editor, but it's what I'm used to and it's really not as bad as everyone says...Although.. As I was working on my project, I was in the sprite editor. I normally have a group of sprites that are just used for rough draft sprites and what not. As I was drawing something, all the drawings, besides the one I had been working on and just random bits from other rough drafts, disappeared. So I closed and reopened GameMaker, and the sprites were back to normal. I didn't save at the time, so any progress I had done I had to redo. So I started working on the sprite again, when all the sprites disappeared again. This time I saved and closed down GameMaker and restarted my laptop. When everything opened back up, all those sprites were gone besides for the sprite I was working on when I encountered the problem. I went to look in the actually file, and they were empty, or an image with the red X. Admittedly this sprite had multiple frames, and it was a fairly big sprite(I think around 192x192). Again I basically was using this sprite as a rough sketch sprite, when I drew something I liked, Id make an entirely new sprite, and just copy it over. So I guess in this instance, it wasn't really a big deal, minus any rough drafts that I could have potentially used int he future, but if it were to happen to a sprite I was actually using, or one that took a lot of time with alot of animation frames, this could have been a huge headache. This project was an older project that I've decided to continue working on, so the project had to updated for the new version of GameMaker...I feel like this were the problem is, but I'm probably wrong.

I'm using a 2016 Macbook pro, that has recently been updated to Big Sur and I'm using GameMaker v2.3.1.536 and runtime v2.3.1.406. I've never encountered this problem before(sprites disappearing while working on the sprite). I couldn't really find anything about this, but also couldn't really figure out what to search for. Most searches didn't really turn up with anything pertaining to an glitches or problems.

I guess while I'm here, I might as well mention a couple of other hiccups I've noticed since the GameMaker update.

- "Blank IdReference found - could be that the project is corrupt." I get this when I open up some projects.. I think I read somewhere that it had to do with corrupted sprites?

- "Core Resources : Info - Blank IdReference found - could be that the project is corrupt." I also get this along with the last bullet point, on the same projects when I try running the game.

- I've actually lost entire projects when I update the games for the new Game maker. I went to open a old project...named it "same name v.2", and when it transferred the old project over, there was nothing in the actually project. All the sprites were empty but retained the same name. All the objects were still there along with step events, draw events, but there was no code in any of the events. In this instance, the game was an old game, and I was just looking to recycle code, and salvage some of the sprites...I was never able to do that, not a huge deal, but these are problems I'd like to avoid when working on my more serious projects.

- I have a weird thing with global variables as well. When I enter the global variable, if it's already been used, the auto complete window will popup and have a bunch of repeat variables. so let's say i have global.weapon....when I go to type that, it will list of global.weapon like 2-4 times in the window... They're all spelled the same, and it doesn't change anything if I chose to auto complete one or the other.

When I talk to my friend that has GameMaker for windows, he looks at my like I'm crazy because he doesn't "ever have any problems" with GameMaker...Even after showing him the hiccups, he blames my laptop...So I don't know?

One last thing, if I can speak my mind....I really don't like the new asset browser.. Maybe its a case of using the old one for as long as I have, but I just find it annoying. I think one of the biggest issues I have with it is, is that everything is sorted alphabetically. Is there a way to change this? I like the old way where I could rearrange all my folders and sprites and what nots. Not a huge issue, but still kind of annoying.
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