Windows Lords of Nysera [Tactical RPG]


Hello Everyone ~

So I finally got around to making a basic demo video of my WIP game and figured I'd show it off here. A short explanation and then the vid:

I've been working on a tactical RPG inspired by Fire Emblem, Shining Force and a even a bit of DnD. I've draw countless character designs, short comics and even maps about the world that exists within it but I found that making a game has been far more compelling.

Game Status:
So far i have a decently made battle system incorporating Stats, Terrain, Skills, Spells and Weapons. At the moment I'm working most on the NPC AI. Everything is a little rough looking, but I've tried to not get caught up with the looks until the guts are finished :)

Everything has been made by myself on my free time, so feel free to ask questions if you like. I'm going to try and upload more showcasing on the game as I develop new features. My current goal is to have a working prologue Demo by May 15th.

Also this is pretty much my first post so hopefully I didn't do anything stupid :p




but I've tried to not get caught up with the looks until the guts are finished
I gotta say that for someone who has not been focusing mostly on graphics it already looks quite nice!

I'd say this first video shows already some solid elements, do you happen to have any channel where you post updates regularly @FelixPix?

I'm gonna keep my eye out on this one :p
This almost looks like an old sfc game, so you're doing well by your inspirations. This is some really nice, classic looking pixel art. The gameplay itself looks the part, too. Great work all around! =)


Wow! Thanks everyone for the comments!

As far as regular updates I've just started posting information here and there. I'm going to try and upload some videos on youtube eventually and maybe start a twitter page to show off pixel art here and there. I haven't thought of making a dedicated channel though, does anyone have suggestions or do most indie developers just make their own site?

Right now I'm working on sprucing up the main menu in the hopes of getting a demo running soon with a playable prologue map. But there's always a thousand and one things I end up wanting to do so I don't know if I'll meet my deadlines.

Also Felix is an old name I went by on a fire emblem forum so I guess it just stuck :p

Thanks again everyone!



New Stuff!

Recently finished the code for a support-like system (if you're familiar with Fire Emblem supports). I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, and it has a lot of potential for utility units that provide bonuses to units via spells or simply being nearby (IE leadership and whatnot).

The Astrality menu is finally done as well (for the most part). It details any bonuses a unit receives by having a specific bloodline or astral mark. Bloodlines will be inheritable while astral marks are determined by a unit's stat growths.

I also doodled up a main menu title (finally), and so I thought I'd show off a bit of the menu itself.



Companion Info Menu:

Comp Info.png
Companion Bonuses in action:

Comp Bonus.png

Main Screen:

Main Menu.png
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Wow! I love the map graphics! Reminds me of the Super Famicom Fire Emblems (IMO prime Fire Emblem). What you have so far looks like a base for a great game. Keep up the good work!