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Portfolio - Art Looking to join a team for free!



Hello, I'm very new to this site and have been working with GameMaker Studio 2 for about a month or so now. It's very easy to use but I am still learning. I am currently looking to build my portfolio and want to be part of a team doing a 2D RPG.
Alittle about me:
My name is Kheana and I am 21 years old, I do pixel animations and sprite designing. I want to challenge myself and pretty much have someone guide and critique my work while doing a project. I do know the basics of programming, some Python, and some C# programming.
Here is some of my work:

Still looking for more projects to help with! Also, if anyone would like to make me their apprentice as a coder/programmer.
Here are just some of things i am working on:

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Hello, I may have a project you would be interested in. Lots of pixel art, character animations, etc. PM me for details. Peace.


Hi, are you interested in a new project? Could be a vey good learning experience for both :)