Job Offer - Programmer Looking to hire. Program to have students take quiz and record results


Looking For: Programmer (Game Maker2)

Project: Program to have students take quiz.
1) Audio of question will play
2) Text (or image) will be on screen
3) Student will click on the text (or on a part of the image).
a) if answer is correct: correct audio will play. next question (audio & text) will appear
b) if incorrect. incorrect audio will play. student will have 2 more chances to click the correct text
4) Record data: Name, which questions were answered correctly/incorrectly, percent of questions answered correctly
5) Data should be displayed upon completion of quiz. (data should also be sent via email or displayed on webpage)
6) Button to repeat question
7) IMPORTANT - program should be built in a way that I (a noob) can easily edit/add questions, etc.

If, after the program is built, I see that the program might need a few other things that aren't on the list - I reserve the right to add things.

Length of project: ASAP 1- 2 days max

Rates/Payment Method: $50 Negotiable
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