Team Request Looking to Build a Small Team

Coded Games


If you have not seen me around the forums, my name is Robert Cordingly and for the last 4 years I have ran my own game development company; Coded Games ( All of the games on my website I have programmed myself and I usually purchase packages or hire artists for audio and graphical assets. I focus on making quality HTML5 games, usually small in scope, so that I can create more games in a shorter amount of time. I have found this works quite well and keeps development fun.

The idea I have is that I want to shift the focus of my company from only me making one game after another to developing games with a small group of people that communicates regularly. We will first develop a template and a set of quality ground rules as a group to base all future games upon. When the template is complete we will then be able to turn simple game prototypes into a complete game in a much shorter period of time. All of the games we make I hope to have development take less than a month. Payment will work as a revenue share that will be decided as a team. This is the basic idea and I will go into more detail later.

Right now I am mostly looking for 1, maybe 2, other programmers to work on the template. Although, if you are not a programmer please feel free to email me with your work. The requirements that I need are:
  1. Intermediate to Expert knowledge in GML or other programming language.
  2. At least 1 year of experience using GM:S.
  3. You own GM:S 1.4 and the HTML5 module.
  4. A portfolio showing games that you have made or worked on.
  5. Skype account with microphone.
  6. It is preferred that you live in the United States to make timing calls easier but is not required as long as you have a consistent schedule.
  7. Be at least 18 years old.
If you are interested please email