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Beta Looking for testers


Looking for a hand full of opinionated individuals to beta test a game I've been developing. The game will be distributed on Android and Windows but it is the windows version I am distributing on my temporary discord for testing. If you are interested the discord link is bellow. My apologizes if I don not reply in discord immediately.

Top down arcade styled maze inspired by pacman.
files size is 13mb
both keyboard and on screens controls available(for mobile).

What I want to gain from the test is any and all feedback I can use to improve the game; look,feel,reward, overall opinion.
https://discord.gg/Av446X (one day pass 10/16)

*apologies for the double post- i asked an admin to remove my community chat thread.*​
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You might get more people with screenshots and a more in depth description
Naw, went ahead and posted some screenshots anyway. Beta test went well this wasnt the only media I posted in. Thanks for the advice though. Testing is now closed.