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Hello. Am AL. I have a story and concept for a game that i truly believe could be successful. Right now i'm trying to find people to work with. I and the people i'm working with so fat are working on a fantasy themed 2d top down ARPG that will be heavy in story using the GameMaker engine. We have finished a prototype of the game, design document, demo design document. Right now i'm looking for programmers, artist, musicians,writers and anyone else willing to help. We have it set up where a team can easily share progress by Sourcetree and communicate with each other using discord and other software to help progress.

The concept for the game play is, Its real time combat with top down perspective.
The player will have A stamina bar any special attacks and blocking using the stamina but recharges at the constant right. The main draw for the game is its story. so the game will have much branching dialogue.
The concept for the story is, the player wakes up with amnesia in a underground cave system. he is forced to be a gladiator fighting monster inside a arena. he learns in the cave system there is a gladiator society. This is because that the one way out of the cave system is a hole from the ceiling in one of the rooms that no one can get up there to escape. There is a outside force that put all the people inside the caves. The cave system is called the pit, so the game area is called the pits. The outside force made the deal with the people inside the pits that if they fight inside a arena against monster in front of a crowed the outside force would get food and supplies to the gladiators. Gladiators form a sort of hierarchy, with someone called the king who is in charge of running the pits.
The main objective of the game is to escape the pits. But it turns out most of the people living in the pits actually like living down in the pits. This is because the the outside force gives the people inside the pits everything they want and even promises that the higher ranked gladiators after a age then can be let out and live as kings in the outside world. on top of that the king keeps everyone happy and ordered inside the pits. So the player has the move up the ranks of the gladiators by fighting in the arena and doing quests.As the player goes the game they begin to uncover the secrets and history of the pits. with many twists and revelations coming to the player. such as learning that everyone that dies in the pits there soul get stuck there, that there is a eldritch abomination sealed inside of the pits and the history of the pits and learning the dark secret of the king.

If your interested at all or want more information this is my
This is the design document. Not its not completely finished
This is the Demo design document. Again its not completely finished.
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