Job Offer - Artist Looking for sprite/graphic artist [paid]


Hi guys,

so I decided if I'm going to have art in my game it has to look really amazing! like high quality.. I know that's quite expensive but I dont want a crappy looking game.

I'd like to see portfolios first before discussing prices, but basically I have no graphics for my top down game, the first art I'd like to get done are the tiles, the background..

I'd like animated grass, sand, transitions between those and roads and a beach with an ocean, the person that works on this will also have to work on the houses and everything else later on so the art style remains the same.
This project is going to take me years so the art will be done in segments!

when i think of the art style I see the game world(nature) as being apparent, you can see what's going on, there's no.. okay that is probably sand, I mean it's orange right ? So if you're interested and very skilled please PM me your portfolio and if I like the style then we can discuss pricing/times and art of course!