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Hey there, a little about myself, I've been messing around with game maker off and on for about 6 years now. Though that's a long time I took a couple years off. Right now I'm a sophomore in college, computer science major, and I really want to make a game. The process can be tedious, but I enjoy it. After working on my own project for a few weeks, I've been debating and I think it would be funner to work with another person. We can start from scratch, I am really wanting someone very good in gml, I'm about moderate, I can do graphics and also help with the programming aspect, but like I said, I'd really want someone who is much better than myself to take the lead on programming! I want to completely plan out the game first, using this document (this is not mine but it's very useful) . So if you'd like to just think of an idea and jump in head first, this really isn't what i'm looking for. I want everything planned out (mechanic wise at least) then we can start on the programming and graphics. I would like to make a small game, or a demo for a large game (say we want to make an RPG, we'd only make up to the first boss, then if we like we can continue the project or we can move on) This way we can get a bunch of practice in. some programming of mine some art of mine As you can see, I'm pretty intermediate in both, not super noob, not super great, but this is for us to get better right? Let's make a game!
I'm on EST
Skype: devink9622
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Ive been programming in gamemaker for 8 - 9 years, i do networking / 3D / and other things in gamemaker feel free to pm me and ill shoot you a portfolio !
You know what why not. I'm curious to the whole team-aspect of game development as well! Count me in as interested!
I've been using GameMaker for only 2 years, but programming as a whole for about 6. I feel that I'm a good pixel artist (besides people... I keep saying I'm going to sit down and change that but eh, some other time :rolleyes:), and a well-organized coder. PM me for any more details and I could show you some of what I've done as well! I'm kind of a busy person as I'm currently a college freshman, but I find plenty of time to sit and game dev.