Looking for SFX libraries



Hi all!
First time game maker here.
I'm making a commercial project and I'm looking for crunchy 8/16 bit sfx for my game.
Similar to Gameboy, GBC, NES and SNES games
What libraries/sources would you recommend? I'm having difficulty locating sites that offer large libraries of sound that are for commercial use (I don't mind paying).



🍋 *lemon noises*
GMC Elder
I'd obviously recommend my own resource pack: https://yaru.itch.io/retro-sound-effect-pack-1
Royalty-free, commercial use, contains 380 sounds sorted by purpose (explosion, recovery, jump and so on).

But, yeah, BFXR is a pretty nice tool as well. It takes a while to learn to use it properly, but you could always spam the Randomize button until you get something workable.