Looking for publishers (not really, rather a question)



For the past year, my friend and I have been working on an android game. This was our first bigger project, and we're still working on it. The plan was to finish it until summer 2018 and release it to Google Play.
Here is the problem. We don't want to riddle the game with pointless ads and the plan is to put micro transactions in the game. Now, to sell your game or to sell products IN your game, you need to create a Google Merchant account. The problem is, merchant account is unsupported in my country (Croatia). The bank account of the developer must be in the supported country.

I have been reading around the internet for a while, and people recommend to find a game publisher. How does that work? How does one find a publisher? Does the publisher need to sign an apk? Are there some forum members that publish games for others?

In advance, thank you.