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I got the whole summer to myself, and I really want to find a fun job to do, and I want to upgrade my PC.

Here is my portfolio

This is a game I made for a client of mine, called Poop.io

It took dozens of hours to make this slither.io clone, but it was worth it.

This, is RRR, or Restroom Run Rampage.
I made this during a gamejam with a friend, it's about a guy who has to go to the restroom.

Those are my two finished projects, I've written scripts and have made prototypes, but I prefer to show my two completed projects.

What I can do

  • I can export to Android, HTML5, and Windows.
  • I'm am willing to fix bugs for you.
  • I will assist you in your projects if you need help.
  • I can make games of your desire from scratch.

Please consider me, I'll make an interview with you worth your time, I'll even write code on demand for you if you wish to test me.

If you wish to communicate, PM me or send me an email.

My email is
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