Team Request Looking for programmer and pixel artist

Coco Ezhao

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a number of people (first, a programmer) to help me on a top-down open world MMORPG. First priority is to get a small working demo with limited amount of assets to kickstart a project, pay for complete work and hire a number of freelancers such as screenwriter, sfx designer, composer, programmers and pixel artists. I produce sprites with separate layers for limbs, body, armor, weapons and so on, which need to be compiled inside the engine. Most of the assets that are in the attachments are animated, tiled and ready to work with.

Producing layered sprites for anthropomorphic characters is quite time-consuming due to variety of weaponry they use. Because of this, I'm gonna need another pixel artist to work on other types of units such as cyclopes, manticoras, unicorns, imps, etc.

World demo:

Fight animation demo: