Portfolio - Art looking for portrait work

hello i am an artist and i can do portrait art for your game (prices listed bellow) i unfortunately do not have the necessary tools for drawing professionally so i can only provide amateurish hand drawn art
i cannot draw pixel art
i can barely draw hands
i cannot draw legs

if you'd like me to draw something for you please ask for one or more of the following

pencil sketch : $2
shaded pencil sketch: $5
pencil sketch converted to digital art without shading: $8
pencil sketch converted to digital art with shading: $10

since i always start everything with a pencil sketch i'll give you all forms of the drawing the higher tier you chose (example you'll get pencil sketch and digital art at level 3)

i can not guarantee every photo i draw will come out a masterpiece, im only human but i will certainly try my best :)

this is a link to my previous works