Job Offer - Artist Looking for Pixel Artist/Animator for my project [PAID]


Hi Guys,

Firstly I'd like to say this offer is for paid, cash money work.

I have been working on my sports game project for almost a year now and it is going great. The sport is Australian Football. I have had some art done for it from a great pixel artist who has recently picked up a larger project so they cannot supply me the art at the frequency I need which is around one animation a week.

The game is a 3/4 perpective style game. I have attached an image of the type of perspective the game has.
I figured this would be a great opportunity to try a different art style to the one I currently have.
I need several animations of sports players in different skin tones. I have attached a picture of the style of art I would like. one is an enlarged version to see it better, the small one is the actual size I would like and then there is a reference picture of the type of player I would like done.

the first animation I am after is an 8 frame running animation. if you are interested please pm me or email me at