Team Request Looking for NES Music in Zelda 2 Style


I know, I know
bla bla bla r/choosingbeggars but this is just how I operate.

I'm looking for FREE work for my Zelda 2 game that I'm creating. I'd like some music in the same style, but I'm in need of some new music and sound fx.

The game is supposed to be like a new world with the Zelda 2 mechanics. I've been rebuilding Zelda 2's engine in game maker. The biggest change I've made so far is there not being an overworld like in the original.

I would like
-Overworld theme (not as laid back as original, player will be actively fighting enemies here all the time)
-Special battle theme
-Dungeon theme
-Title theme
-Boss theme
-Victory fanfaire


I'd love to give you anything I can as long as it isn't money and it's within my reach.
Like your name in the credits or early demos.

Thanks! :)