Job Offer - Programmer Looking for experienced HTML5 developer to help fix bugs [Paid]


I've developed an HTML5 game targeting mobile web browsers. The game is essentially complete, but there are issues with the game crashing while running on iOS web browsers. I cannot solve the issues due to personal time constraints. I'm looking to hire someone who has experience with GameMaker's HTML5 export and JavaScript.

Best fit:
Someone with experience debugging HTML5 games on iOS devices
Someone with JavaScript experience (particularly in relation to iOS)
Someone with experience using GameMaker's HTML5 export

What you will do:
Job 1: Debug the game on iOS web browsers to understand why the game is crashing. Pointing to specific Javascript or GML code that is causing the crash
Job 2: Re-write GML to solve the issues, or write Javascript code to prepend into the source code to catch JS errors and prevent the crash
After completing Job 1 you will be paid. Then we will use the results from Job 1 to determine what steps to take and whether or not you will be hired again for Job 2.

I recognize that experience and quality are not cheap, so I'm prepared to pay a very good hourly rate if you can produce quality results quickly.
I normally use Paypal. If there's another method you prefer let me know and I'll see if I can use it.

Send me a direct message here on the forum. If you'd like to talk through a different channel let me know.
If you have any questions about the game, contact me and I can give you a link to play it. If you'd like to apply, please include an example of some of your work in HTML5 and/or JavaScript