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Team Request Looking for developers/artists for a game


Andri Meister

I'm basically making a game and so far I'm alone so I would recruit some team members. The game is made in Game Maker Studio 2. Shortly said, the game is a 2d platformer with pixel graphics. Game will be music/beat based and will feature several ideas that have never used before.

I'd give participants roles like


Level Designer

Menu Designer


Developer Story

Developer Tester

Media Maker (trailers and cinematics)


Later all who've participated in the making of the game will be awarded in some sort of way, none will be left without anything.

This is my Discord server where the team will work and get roles. Please join if you're interested in anything. All questions will be answered.

For more clarification, the base game is ready and playable/usable, I'll keep on developing it.
I've got a few members and work is going great. We need more of course. About the rewards, all who have contributed to the project will be rewarded monetarily, unless I add anything in addition to that. All will be paid with kickstarter/sales money. If the game turns out great and we do good, I'll be planning to to make us an official game development studio and we'll be making games together. If you're willing to put any time into this you're looking at a potential future job.

What's done (demo, not much):